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China Airlines
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Photographer: CK Tse
Route: Hong Kong to Bangkok, 2006-05-27
Date added: 2008-05-21
Flight duration: 2h 45m
Flight class: economy
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Meal: Seafood (SFML) - appetiser: smoked fish main course: scallop, shrimp, speghetti sweetmeats: pineapple, watermelon Milano biscuit
Drink: Water, Apple/Orange Juice, Beer, Wine
Comments: Too much on the appetiser but tasty. Only one shrimp was found, but many scallop instead. As a economy meal, it is good enough
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Lufthansa / economy class
Added: 2014, Aug
Photo by: beirin
Route: mex - muc / 29 Jun 2014

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added: 2014, Aug
Photo by: beirin
Route: mex - muc / 29 Jun 2014

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Vietnam Airlines
added: 2014, Aug
Photo by: Christof
Route: Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City / 23 Aug 2014

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United Airlines
added: 2014, Aug
Photo by: Stephen
Route: Los Angeles - Houston / 22 Aug 2014

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Air Transat
added: 2009, Nov
Photo by: Ron
Route: Cancun - Toronto / 4 May 2003

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