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Slawa (Wjatscheslaw)

Russian Federation (DME) to Russian Federation (KJA), 15 Oct 2017

Economy Class

Dinner , Special meal: no
Hot meals from 3 meals to choose from: 1) White fish in a cream sauce with pasta-farfallone. 2) Meat with rice 3) Chicken with something. Cold appetizer: salad of shredded carrots with raisins and allspice, rye bread.

Soft drinks: soda "Duchess" or drinking water to choose from. Hot drinks: tea,coffee. Milk, lemon optional.

Fish with pasta did not like. The fish itself, the sauce is not delicious and the pasta undercooked. On the weak C grade. Even sorry that he took fish, and meat with rice. The salad was very original, perhaps for the first time faced the such. Fresh, juicy, sweet carrot liberally mixed with raisins and small pepper. Very strange and interesting combination, in General liked it. Very original and tasty. Although the next day after my salad in his mouth a half-day was resistant,does not interrupt the finish is pepper :) the Bread was fresh and tasty. Soft drinks during the flight were offered only 1 time, before dinner. And the choice was only between "Duchess" and water. Want Duchess, I want water.... Took a Duchess... And the flight attendants refused the second glass of water, saying that the stock is limited and everything is designed by the number. And when he removed the cups after the distribution, the passengers who stood on the table unfinished drinks said: "it is better to leave, then there will be more...." Before planting very thirsty, passengers massively called the flight attendants and asked for water. It was evident that the 2nd hand is clearly not enough. Asked for water and I. And for some reason I brought water in a packaged Domodedovo portion packs ). Overall so-so... Kind of quench the hunger, but the quality is not there :)

Date added: 2018-01-11   //   Flight #YC 391   //   Flight: 4:20   //   Aircraft: A-320-200 VQ-BZS   //   Ticket price: 8453.00

Equipment: All modestly, but normal.

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