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Eric Valega P

Indonesia (SUB) to Singapore (SIN), 08 Oct 2017

Economy Class

Lunch , Special meal: KSML
Smoked salmon salad happened to be slightly bitter and didn't taste salty, but otherwise was acceptable. The main course didn't look that good although it actually tasted fine with the basmati rice being not clumped and the chicken quite flavourful and not too stingy. Apple cake reminded much of apple pie with apple chunks spread, although it lacked the crust needed to be worthy of a pie, while the fruit cocktail was ordinary except that they added a grape which didn't match that well. Both breads were relatively plain, although I preferred the more flavourful crackers rather than the bread as the bread was also quite tough. To end the meal, the chocolate praline's filler looked and felt a bit funny compared to the other chocolates. On overall, the meal was quite acceptable and far better than Garuda's Stogel meal. Besides, the kosher meal was quite much more substantial than the normal meal, which was appreciated.

Mineral water (additional Singapore Sling requested)

Reasonably good kosher meal

Date added: 2017-10-10   //   Flight #SQ931   //   Flight: 2:20   //   Aircraft: A330-300

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