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Lounge meal SGN , Lotus Lounge

Airline Lounges

For an airport that has the feel of being very poorly run (Passport Immigration Control Lines stretch for blocks at times with many stations unmanned) this lounge is a nice little respite. It is not large and the spaces to sit are pretty close together but they do have some nearly enclosed booths that look like pavilions where you can get a little more isolated and the free wifi is gratuitous since the wifi in the airport is also free. Where this place shines is the food offerings. Local interesting stuff with some international flair including Chinese Congee, Pho, western eggs and breakfast meats, pastries, baguettes and pate to make a mini Bahn Mi, etc. No instant noodles in sight and the food was actually pretty tasty. This lounge is consistent with the rest of Ho Chi Minh City...it is housed within a surrounding chaotic and somewhat dingy environment (the rest of the airport) but it is a cool little spot where you can get fed pretty well.

Local Saigon Special Beer

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Date added: 2017-08-26

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