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Soeren Krumrey

Australia (SYD) to Australia (MEL), 07 Aug 2017

Business Class

Dinner , Special meal: no
The meal was extremely disappointing, pretty much the worst I had in premium class at full meal time in years. This had more to do with my taste but also the available options. If you leave a J class flight hungry, even if it's such a short one, then something is usually wrong in my eyes! The hot option was a herb crusted fish with fennel (fennel, really? No one who had this option ate the fennel as far as I could see...). I am highly intolerant to seafood but usually okay with smaller amount of fish. However, this fish smelled extremely fishy and on an airplane you rather don't want to risk it (very much in the interest of my fellow passengers, I'm tellin you...). So I was stuck with the second, cold option and QF seems to think these days that it has to be ultra-healthy. It was offered as a 'Barley and Feta salad" which sounded pretty good at first but unfortunately was totally misleading: There was a thin layer of pumpkin seeds and goats cheese on top (it wasn't Feta but hey, minor detail) which was fine and then under a pile of beetroot (yikes) and the most monstrous chunks of celery (Uber-yikes) you had maybe two spoon full of barley. And to finish me off, it was all served on a bed of my personal biggest enemy, rocket. Plenty of rocket. It should have been called 'Beetroot and Celery salad on rocket', then I would have asked to get me some of the lamb casserole from the back of the plane. This way, I ended up picking out all the celery (I don't mind this vegetable per se and use it myself in cooking but in very limited quantities. It's one of those things that you better add very cautiously and certainly NOT in huge chunks like in this salad, totally nuts in my eyes), rocket and beetroot (see second image) which was almost the entire thing. Hungry and unhappy I went for the desert cake which turned out to be Walnut-Cake. Walnut is the only thing (besides seafood) that I have a real proper allergy towards so even the devil in person could have not selected a worse meal for me. Pumpkin maybe could have been added to make it even worse. And I know, it's hard to believe, but I usually eat pretty much anything, there's not that much that I don't like.

Glass of rather nice Cabernet

One of the worst premium meals in years

Date added: 2017-08-09   //   Flight: 1:10   //   Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Equipment: Crew generally felt a bit out of touch which is very unlike Qantas. They all looked like close to retirement and it showed in a lack of enthusiasm- unfortunately, they also did not show much professionalism which usually comes with the older crews.   //   Other: Nah, I left hungry.

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