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Christian D.

Lounge meal PRG , Erste Premier Lounge

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This is the Erste Premier lounge at Terminal 2 at Prague airport. It is accessible for Economy Class passengers on Czech Airlines against a fee of 18 euros. The lounge features a fairly decent selection of food, including sandwiches, assorted meats and cheeses, vegetables, chicken schnitzels and pork schnitzels, tomato pasta, soup, bread rolls, chips and cookies. The schnitzels were actually very good; as a matter of fact, they tasted like real schnitzels, not like fake, mass market schnitzels. The bread was fresh and the salami was tasty, and the cookies, which had a slight flavor of lemon, tasted good. Afterwards, I also tried some of the pasta and soup. The pasta dish, which was farfalle with tomato sauce, was good, although there was too much garlic, to my taste. The soup was just basic beef broth, although it was rich in taste, and I enjoyed it. The lounge had a nice interior with comfortable furniture, as well as a peaceful atmosphere. If you are traveling in Economy Class on Czech Airlines from Prague, I can definitely recommend purchasing lounge access (it is of course free for all Business Class passengers).

Wide assortment of drinks; I had Fanta, hot chocolate, tomato juice and water.

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Date added: 2017-10-08

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