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Lounge meal ICN , KAL Lounge (Korean Air/Sky Team Lounge, Concourse location near gate 114)

Airline Lounges

Interior is quite dated and looks like a corporate lunchroom Furnished by IKEA. The interior could be considered modern and hip if the year were 1972. There are very limited power outlets unless you want to sit at a counter and the eating area is very plasticized. The food offerings are terrible (see the photo of what they labelled as "Pizza") and really the only thing that looked edible were the make it yourself cup noodles. The refrigerator for water was largely empty and unless you drink Cognac, Jack Daniels or Ballantines Scotch, as your hard liquor of choice, your spirit offerings are really limited. There is free wifi but there is also free wifi in the main airport terminal and there are better meal choices in the terminal. The only thing attractive about this lounge is that you can get away from the very crowded main terminal masses for a little while but other than that, not much to really catch my attention here.

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Date added: 2017-08-26

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