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Hong Kong (HKG) to Canada (YVR), 02 Jul 2017

Business Class

Lunch , Special meal: no
I had the chef special for lunch. The vegetarian goose appetizer needs more shredded vegetables and seasoning,. The vinegar is too sour. The multigrain black sesame seed Kaiser roll was good. The chicken entree needs to have more chicken and less rice. The dessert was just okay and as I said earlier, they needed one more course here - fruit and cheese plate. Mid-flight snack still lacks noodle dishes and sandwiches, but the Hong Kong style Pork Chop bun was delicious. The breakfast prior to arrival was also good. I like the dim sum, which features a shrimp dumpling and steamed pork dumpling with mushroom. Basically they need to increase the portion and improve the quality. Kept it simple and remember that they need more sauce with these dishes.

Gin & Tonic and Hot tea

Work in Progress but better Chinese food

Date added: 2017-07-02   //   Flight #80   //   Flight: 11:50   //   Aircraft: Airbus A330-200

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