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Marcelo rozengurt

United States (LAX) to United States (HNL), 01 Dec 2017

Economy Class

Breakfast , Special meal: no
How much lower can Hawaiian go with the catering. This is the first day with the new menu offering and isn't sufficient enough for a six hour flight.

Mai tai tea coffee and Coke Zero

In a box very very cheap presentation

Date added: 2017-12-02   //   Flight #1   //   Flight: 6:30   //   Aircraft: Boeing 767/300 er winglets   //   Ticket price: 650.00

Equipment: Poor design the box looks cheap it resembles what airlines sell on a European flight. Why has Hawaiian cut back. No tray no metal cutlery While the taste was fine much more thoughts needed for an airline meal. 6 grapes one small yogurt one coconut bun. The box just adds thousands of tons of plastic into landfills not environmentally friendly.   //   Other: Very poor hope this isn't the end a a terrific airline.? The last time when I flew in we got a hot meal. On a tray with full metal cutlery. My own fruit platter meal with the taro rolls was far superior 10 for my fruit platter meal 3 for the horrendous boxed breakfast

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