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GTK Rossiya



Russian Federation (KGD) to Russian Federation (VKO), 09 Jul 2017

Economy Class

Snack , Special meal: no
Rossiya's cookie ("korzhik") has become a symbol of an unsubstantial airline meal in Russia. I was pleasantly surprised though. They may look flat but they're about muffin-sized really, and they were fresh too. These are a chocolate cookie with a yogurt filling and a vanilla cookie with a caramel filling - if I could buy them to eat at home, I would! Also, I automatically asked for an extra sugar with my tea but I didn't really need it. I didn't get a second set with my sugar (an extra wet wipe etc).

tea, coffee, water


Date added: 2017-07-23   //   Flight #su 6128   //   Flight: 1:40   //   Aircraft: Boeing 738   //   Ticket price: 3800.00

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