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Eric Valega P

Indonesia (CGK) to Singapore (SIN), 21 Aug 2017

Economy Class

Lunch , Special meal: KSML
Tuna and egg cocktail had a quite fishy aftertaste despite the relatively low tuna content, which would not suit very well for a meal in a confined space. The fried rice with mixed beans was tasted fine although slightly watery, but the turkey nugget was quite good as it exceeded my expectation of an ordinary nugget and even resembled more like meat chunks. Vanilla pudding was slightly too soft and tasted rather bland, with the sour apple and apricot compote compensating for the pudding's lack of flavour. Substituting the bread roll were cream crackers which reminded me of some old-styled savoury crackers and mini pretzels which were too salty. On overall, despite the depressing look this meal was acceptable for a long shelf life meal and in terms of portion size even quite generous.

Mineral water

Decent-sized kosher meal

Date added: 2017-09-07   //   Flight #GA832   //   Flight: 1:50   //   Aircraft: 737-800

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