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Delta Crap Cake

Canada (YUL) to United States (ATL), 30 Oct 2017

First Class

Dinner , Special meal: no
This was dinner tonight from Montreal to Atlanta. Finally got to try the crab cake. Awful! It was dry and had the texture (and shape) of one of those Boca burgers. It had the taste of anything that comes from the freezer case in those yellow boxes with the fisherman. Now look at the rest of the tray. I asked the FA about the mayo and she said some people like it in the crab cake. She thought it was a sub for tartar sauce. I told her I thought the tray was missing a salad. The rice was dry and crunchy. The bean side was the only good thing, kind of a warm five bean salad (was this the salad?) And now the unlabeled cookie. It had a raisin in it. I think it was oatmeal, dry as toast. I think something other than inspiration was missing. Pathetic!

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Crap cakes

Date added: 2017-10-30

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