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Mexico (CUN) to United States (JFK), 01 Jan 2017

First Class

Lunch , Special meal: no
Lunch entree was chicken breast with Mexican rice and snow peas and a stewed tomato. Salad consisted of green lettuce blend, tomato, carrots and jicama with a balsamic dressing. Wheat roll with butter. Dessert was a tiramisu cake. Drink with lunch was a red merlot. Coffee with the Tiramisu cake. Snack basket choice was almonds with the red blend wine. Pre arrival Woodford on the rocks.

Gin & Tonic, Merlot, coffee, Woodford on the rocks.


Date added: 2017-12-03   //   Flight #787   //   Flight: 4:0   //   Aircraft: 737-800

Equipment: Good quality Alessi service items. Large flatware.   //   Other: Excellent service by Delta Flight Attendants.

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