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Christian D.

Lounge meal CPH , SAS Lounge

Airline Lounges

The food selection was rather mediocre and consisted of: plain salad, quinoa and bean salad, assorted vegetables, red spread, cold chicken, potato and leek soup, cheese, bread, chips with sour cream flavor and cookies. I had some soup with chives and croutons, quinoa salad with spread, some bread, chicken, cookies and chips (not pictured). The soup so good, that I ended up having 4 portions of that. The bread was good and fresh. The cookies and the chips tasted good, so did the red spread, though I don't know what it was made of. The quinoa and bean salad was ok, though the chicken was dry and unexciting. The lounge felt modern and had a nice atmosphere, and while the food was mostly good, there could be a wider selection.

Wide selection of soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and hot drinks. I had some water, Fanta, orange juice and tea (only tea is pictured).

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Date added: 2017-04-18

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