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Mikael Gerner

Sweden (GSE) to Norway (SVG), 01 Jan 2010

Economy Class

? , Special meal: SFML (Crew Meal)
A large salad with olives, water melon bites, tomatoes and a external olive-oil dressing in a bottle. A beef stew with potatoes and cooked carrots. A selection of bread, I took a white bread roll. Fresh carrots. A piece of marabou chocolate

Fanta soft drink, 2x15cl.

Overall a good meal. The salad huge salad was nice, but it seemed a bit old, maybe a couple of days. The stef was good as well, a classic Swedish dish. The only problem was that it was so lot of food that it was a bit hard to place it on the tray.

Date added: 2010-08-15   //   Flight #180   //   Flight: 0:45   //   Aircraft: Embraer 145LR

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