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Shreyas Bhide

India (BOM) to United Arab Emirates (DXB), 09 Dec 2017

Low Cost Carrier

Snack , Special meal: no
Air India Express has a standard snack box. For a low-cost carrier, they pack quite some stuff in it. But the quality of food is extremely shoddy. Stale, cold bread with hard, cold slab-like cheese slice. Tasteless. Equally bland and old was the ketchup that seemed to add nothing to the sandwich. Left it. The samosa was hot and was really good. So was the muffin. The namkeen snack that came with it was a quite a hit on the plane. I, personally, did not like it much. Coffee was as usual. Was given a refill when asked.

Tea or Coffee

Cheese Sandwich, Veg Samosa, Muffin, Namkeen Snack, Water, Tea or Coffee (Misc: Sugar, Creamer, Ketchup))

Date added: 2017-12-25

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