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Singapore Airlines


Thailand (BKK) to Singapore (SIN), 15 Oct 2005

Economy Class

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of the week - 15 Jan 2006 871-872-873-874-875-876-877-878-879 Photos taken by: RJ Huang / HSY

Coke and Coffee

Another excellent service on this short sector. Crew were friendly and all smiles despite this being one of the most hectic full meal sectors to do, and also the fact that it was their second sector of the day (this being a turnaround flight for them).

Date added: 2008-05-21   //   Flight: 1:55   //   Aircraft: B747-400 Meal: Dinner - Choice of Pork or Chicken. Dessert was a an interesting but delicious banana crumble. Appetisers consisted of boiled squid with seasonal vegetables and pasta. I've never liked boiled squid, so I left

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