Air 2000

Air 2000 (6 pictures & videos)

Air 2000


Ian Hunter

United States (LOZ) to Spain (ALC), 31 Dec 2004

Economy Class

Dinner - Cheese and Ham roll (heated) Wine at GBP 2.00 (or 2.50) per 1/4 bottle (Menu Card)

(no drink)

"I always try to fly BA (GB Airways) when I visit England. This time, could only get a flight with Air 2000. I was staggered at the "offerings" for dinner. Tea and coffee were gratis with the "meal" but at any other time a charge of GBP1.00 was made for a cup of the warm fluid." This hot roll was The

Date added: 2009-11-18   //   Flight: 2:20   //   Aircraft: B757 charter

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