Here's a brand new website for you. Everything you already knew (and more!) is here, and we'd like to take you by the hand for a little tour, and show you what's new so you won't be completely lost, like a tourist in a new city.

First we'll talk about the menu structure and the basic functions (image search, upload, etc.).

After that, we'd like to introduce you to the new image detail page.

With this new site, it has been our goal to create an overview in 12.5 years of aviation history, a story by nearly 700 airlines told in roughly 35,000 pictures. We hope you agree with us when we say we succeeded :-)



login / sign up options   LOGIN AND MANAGE YOUR STUFF

From now on you will be able to make changes to any previous upload - no matter if the photos were added 7 hours... or 7 years ago. After uploading you can edit your review, but you can also change the image, or add/remove images. If you decide you want to be anonymous, you can change your name.

advanced browsing options

advanced browsing options: browse by country

advanced browsing options: browse by region

advanced browsing options: browse by alliance membership


If you already know what you are looking for, we have the most popular categories accessible directly from the big squares on the homepage. From there, you will be taken to the page with the newest images in that category.

Otherwise, hit the PHOTOS button in the menu for more browsing options. You will be able to browse alphabetically. You can also find airlines arranged by country, by region, or - why not - even by alliance membership.


UPLOADING PICS: intuitive rating system


Uploading images has been made easier (ah well, that's what we think anyway). You will find that some details will be required, whilst some are optional.

The image info you enter will display clearly on the image detail page.

Before uploading you will be asked to make a choice of what you will be uploading. The good old Airline meal, Lounge food, Crew meal, Menu card, Amenity kit, Meals in movies or - NEW! - Video. For video, besides the obvious meal and flight details, you will be asked to enter a URL to your Youtube clip, that's all.

Start writing the name of the airline and suggestions will appear, and you can enter either the full name of your departure or destination city, or simply the 3-letter airport code.


Search whatever you like!
'Air France JFK' will show all pics that have 'Air', 'France' and 'JFK' in their description.
'JAL crew' will show crew meals for JAL.
'Moscow first' will show all meals in first class on flights to, from and via Moscow.



Guess :-))

meal detail page

We looked at the meal detail page over and over again. The meal details will be shown in a clean way, illustrated with icons to make it nicer to the eye. We got rid of the popups! The photos are big enough to see details, so there's no need anymore for the popup. You will also be able to check if someone else on the same flight also took a picture. If a meal consists of a series of pictures, they will all be listed on the left. Clicking one of the smaller images will open the large version.
To conclude, we're giving you the possibility to discuss every picture with fellow visitors. We're now also making it possible to share pics on your Facebook / Twitter or Google+ timelines, or to simply send an email with the page's URL copied into the message.


Yes we have ads... Sorry, but we need them to survive. Please turn off your ad blocker. Now. :-)


We haz cookies too, but only because of Google AdSense and Google Analytics. No harm done.


Your privacy is important to us. We will never sell or give away your email addresses.We won't even think about it.


AirlineMeals.net often receives requests from magazines and newspapers of pictures that appear on the website to print in their publications. By submitting pictures to AirlineMeals.net you (the submittor) are giving permission for the pictures to be used in other forms of media, such as school papers, newspapers, magazines, tv programs or a book. The webmaster reserves the right to submit those pictures he feels will best promote the site. AirlineMeals.net is an independent website and publishes actual pictures of actual inflight meals. We cannot be held responsible for any damage done by the publication of such images.


Enough of the yada-yada, close this window and enjoy the website :-)