Inflight catering related news

October 04, 2007

New inflight catering concept for German airline LTU

source: Gate release

The new menu plan, which is based on the principles of fitness and well-being, demonstrates Gate Gourmet’s innovative approach to satisfying customer needs. The concept springs from fresh ideas and creative solutions and features great food variety and a balanced diet. With the experts at FIT FOR FUN, the ideal partner for developing the concept was quickly found. FIT FOR FUN´s nutritional philosophy is the basis for the new menus. A lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy side dishes, lean meat and high-quality vegetable oils, rather than butter and cream, as well as high-fiber and vitamin-rich foods are the main aspects of the new concept. For Economy class, a selection of well-balanced cold and hot dishes was developed. In addition, Business class passengers are offered hot dishes perfectly geared to the passengers´ individual needs. Dishes rich in protein were designed for travellers who, upon arrival, have meetings to attend, want to participate in sports or are planning a sightseeing tour and are in need of an energy boost. Other dishes, rich in carbohydrates and seasoned with soothing spices, will have a more calming effect. Gate Gourmet´s experienced chefs have ensured the successful realization of the new concept and its emphasis on freshness by producing the food as closely to departure time of the LTU flights as possible. In this way, the optimum quality of the dishes can be guaranteed. “Through the exclusive cooperation with our partner FIT FOR FUN, we were able to present one of our most important customers in Europe with an innovative and trendsetting concept that is fully geared to its passengers´ needs. This success has strengthened our intention to offer our customers ideas and concepts that take new lifestyles and new requirements into consideration even more than before,” says Beat Ehlers, Gate Gourmet Director of Product Development.