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Delta meals, photos and reviews - view more »

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Photographer: boeingATL
Route: ATL to JFK, 2013-03-08
Date added: 2013-03-12
Flight duration: 2h 0m
Flight class: first
Ticket price:
Aircraft: B767ER
Meal: chicken salad, veggies, roll, fruit and cookie
Drink: Blue Moon with orange slice
Comments: I order off the menu to get variety. I have had this same meal on several DL flights. This was about a third of the usual portion, even the fruit was skimpy. There was water everywhere on the salad plate that spilled onto the rest of the tray. No butter, but finally dessert. Very odd portions, given the number of times I 've had this meal.
Rating (1-10):
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Photographer: boeingATL
Route: SF) to ATL, 2012-12-05
Date added: 2012-12-08
Flight duration: 5h 30m
Flight class: first
Ticket price:
Aircraft: 757
Meal: Plate one. . . romaine salad with julienne red pepper, cucumber, red and yellow grape tomatoes, grilled chicken breast with salad dressing. Other plate, hot dish. cooked chicken breast with some kind of sauce on top, roasted fingerling potatoes, steamed carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, white and pole beans. Plastic wrapped rice cake, LARGE serving of fresh fruit.
Drink: Blue Moon with orange slice
Comments: So sorry about the quality of the pic!!. My camera's battery was dead. It was sunset, and the reading light was misaligned. Did what I could with ancient cell phone. UNBELIEVABLE quantity of food. Best of all, the steamed veggies and red pepper strips. Even the flight attendants were amazed. We all thought DL combined two different options of the same special meal. I order "off" the menu when I can to get something fresh and off the beaten path. The hot selection. . . . the potatoes and veggies excellent! After dinner service, I had a few Dancing Deer brownies, unopened, the FA's pulled off the trays. Was fun chatting in the galley with a great crew! .
Rating (1-10):
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Route: flight 9, LG to ATL, 2004-04-21
Date added: 2009-11-24
Flight duration: 8h 5m
Flight class: economy
Ticket price: $625
Aircraft: 767
Drink: water (and then cups of tea afterwards)
Comments: Quite allright, really.
Rating (1-10):


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